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October 15, 2017

After 37 years of service to Uncle Sam - none of which I regret - I have retired!  Of course I have more to do being retired than when I was working full-time.  All of those things that I have put off until now are coming to the forefront, but now I can do by golly what I want, when by golly I want to do it!


Two years ago I tried to rent a big van for a trip to California with my extended family.  I contacted all of the big-name rental companies in the state and some of the lesser-known ones.  Only one company had a van which they claimed was available at the time I needed it, so... I made my reservation and got a confirmation number.  When I called to make arrangements to pick up my van, I learned that a confirmation number doesn't necessarily mean that they have a vehicle available, at least with that company.  Despite their best efforts, no van could be found;-(.


Earlier this year as we were planning a trip to Yellowstone I attempted to rent a van again (yes I have a big family - six kids and 17 grandkids not all of which will fit in a car or several cars - and we like to travel a lot) with the same results.  Not a single 12 or 15 passanger van was available for the time I needed it for any price, love or money, so... I bought one.  It is a big, beautiful 2016 Ford Transit Wagon 350 XLT with only 20K miles, 12 seats and lots of room for luggage!  We had a great trip to Yellowstone with my daughter and her large family, and a month later went to Idaho to be first-hand witnesses of the Solar Elipse with my son, his wife and kids.  We had a great time on both trips thanks in large part to our nice, big beautiful van.



As I was nearing retirement, I started thinking about my van rental experience.  If I was having trouble renting a big van in Utah County for the time I needed it, surely there were others having the same trouble.  Utah (and especially Utah County) is known for big families!  I was sure the demand was there, and with all of our kids grown and gone, our new van was not used all the time.  In fact, it just sat most of the time - we pulled it out and dusted it off only for these fun trips with our kids and grandkids.  This, then was the genesis of Rabbit Rentals!


Three days ago I doubled my fleet size by adding a brand new 2017 Ford Transit Wagon 350 XLT with only 35 miles and 15 seats.  There is not as much room for luggage, but most of the seats are easily removable.  On Friday I had both of my vans rented, and both are rented again for the four-day UEA weekend coming up.  I think this business is actually going to work!


At least I'm off to a good start, and... enjoying my first day of retirement;-)!

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