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The Second Day

October 16, 2017


This is my second day of retirement, and... I am loving it!  I got up early this morning (6:00 a.m. - yeah, I slept in a couple of hours, but hey... I'm retired;-), went to my e-mail. wrote a couple of rental contracts for this weekend (UEA weekend - big in Utah!), turned down another request that followed up an inquiry from last week (sorry - you snooze, you loose Rick;-) then went out to my 5-acre emprire to dig in the dirt.  It was great!


My dad used to say that he must have hated working becuase he sure loved being retired.  I actually thought that I enjoyed my job... most of it anyway.  I thoroughly loved the Navy - I would still be in if I hadn't reach the statutory retirement age - I gained a lot of experience and met some great people at the IRS (but frankly, it just wasn't a good fit so I was glad to leave when the opportunity presented itself), and I had an important job and felt that I made somewhat of a big contribution at the VA.  One thing about working for the Federal Government, though... it is the BIGGEST bureaucracy in the world and I hated feeling like I was just beating my head up against a wall more often than not, trying to push that big rock up the hill.  Now... someone else can do it (thanks Nate!;-).


I don't intend to blog on this site every day, but I felt that I wanted to today.  I love being retired (all two days of it), I love living where I do.  I love our home and property (my five-acre empire) and (oh yeah) I love my wife and kids too (and grandkids).  Life is good and I feel extraordinarily blessed.  I am having fun with this business and look forward to sharing my successes with you!



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