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There are not many places in the world like Southern Utah

October 23, 2017

 We just finished a great trip to Southern Utah with my daughter and her family.  I fell in love with the area more than 40 years ago as a teenager participating in a 30-day wilderness survival course.  That was a life changing experience for me and I committed to go back every year to reconnect with my inner self and (yes I know it sounds corny) get back to nature.


This trip just concluded did not include any of the wilderness survival stuff, but there are still lots of places you can go on a paved road and still enjoy much of the alure and beauty that is part and parcel of what Southern Utah is all about.  On this trip, we stayed at the Quality Inn outside of Panguitch on the first night (it was late and we didn't want to set up a tent in the dark) then went relatively early to the Calf Creek Campground on the other side of Escalante.  The place was packed with day hikers, but we were very lucky to find one of the few remaining campsites and went about setting up camp. 


Once camp was set, we set we headed off for Lower Calf Creek Falls.  The trail head is right there in the campground.  It is a relatively short hike that even the littlest adventurers can takle (see https://utah.com/hiking/calf-creek-falls-lower).  The round trip hike is just a little over 5 miles, and well worth the hike.  You can see pictures of the falls at the website, but the scenery to and from is just as good.  Here is an example...

 We had beautiful weather.  The night was clear and a bit cold, but the day time weather was perfect.  October is a great time to visit Southern Utah!






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