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Our Rental Agreements and Receipts

November 22, 2017

One of the things you will find with Rabbit Rentals that is perhaps a bit different from some of our competitors is that our rental agreements and receipts are clear, easy to read and understandible.  I wrote them myself (with only a little bit of plagiarism;-) thinking that if I can understand them well enough to write them, ANYONE should be able to understand reading them.


I particularly like clairity.  I want to know up front what the terms and conditions are, and how much my rental is going to cost.  You will get that with Rabbit Rentals!  Some of our competitors have agreements that read essentially... "well, it depends."  Since all of our rentals include unlimited mileage, there is no guess work involved.  We prepare a deposit receipt up front that tells you exactly what the expected cost of your rental will be.  As long as the van is return in essentially the same condition it was in when you left (with only the expected minor washing and cleaning required) and at or before the time it is expected, that is the price you are going to pay.


You can see a link to our rental agreement on the home page of our website (https://www.rabbitrentalsut.com/) and a sample deposit receipt for a one-week rental is posted below.  Note that the deposit receipt becomes the final rental receipt after the van is returned and any additional charges are calculated.  Discounts (if any) are applied after the van is returned.

I like simplicity!  You will like Rabbit Rentals!






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